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Mali Dogonland Well Project

Mali is one of the poorest countries in the world and has been experiencing severe drought for several years. This project was proposed by Djibril in May of 2022, a local Dogon living in the capital, Bamako. The Dogon live in a mountainous and arid part of Mali. ‍

Project Background

This well provides water for three districts and serves approximately 2000 people. In the dry season, water can be very difficult to obtain and the water they can get is often muddy and contaminated.

Project Benefits

This life-saving project has given the local community easy access to clean water and drastically improved their quality of life.

Eleos' Contribution

Eleos agreed to pay $3,000 USD for the materials and the local people provided the labor. They were well organized and fast and completed the well in approximately 6 weeks.

Next Phase

The next phase will be to provide financing for a community garden and will likely cost about $1000. We believe that this project could serve as a model for similar projects in the future.
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