Lebanon Humanitarian Project

Families in Lebanon and Syria are struggling to survive winter without access to food, heat, warm clothes or blankets. Downtown Beirut was ravaged by the explosion of 2021. Eleos is working with Shawky Khoury to help rebuild residences destroyed by blast. In partnership with Helping Hand in Phoenix, we are also able to send food and clothes to Lebanon.

Project Background

These areas have been ravaged by war, poverty, and economic collapse.

Project Benefits

In 2022, we helped 800 families by providing their children with jackets and blankets to shield them from the cold. In 2023, we are helping 400 families.

Eleos' Contribution

In partnership with Helping Hand (https://www1.hhrd.org/) we are working to send two shipping containers to Lebanon filled with dry food and clothing. We raised over $20,000 and matched the donation to pay for the food. Helping Hand paid for the container and shipping costs.

Next Phase

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